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Want to do more then 100 Pushups?

Want a rock solid body?

Well you can with our Infinity Reps range

Beep Test Training guide is now at this link - Beep Test

Beep Test apps are now at this link - Beep Test

How old are you really?

Body Age is a series of fitness tests that will determine your biological age (bio age).


Have you ever wondered if the age of your body is older or younger then your chronological age. Are you a 27 year old trapped in a 35 year old body.

The Body Age will walk you through a variety of fitness tests where the results will either add or take years from your actual age.



  • Body: Waist to Hip Ratio (WHR), Body Mass Index (BMI)s
  • Endurance: Beep Test results
  • Recovery: Resting Heart Rate, Recovery Heart Rate
  • Speed: Sprint Time
  • Power: Vertical Jump
  • Strength: Max Push ups, Max Squats, One Minute Sit Ups
  • Flexibility: Sit Down Reach
  • Balance: Stork Test
  • Reaction: Reaction Time

A great way to determine what areas of your body are aging and need work.

Suitable for chronological ages 17-65

Please note a Beep Test result is required separately for the Endurance test

body age

Get yourself a rock solid body with our infinity apps

Focus on just situps with infinity situps, or pushups with infinity pushups, or squats with infinity squats, or chinups with inifinity chinups or do the whole lot plus more with the combined all in one inifinity rep

push ups plus push ups plus push ups plus push ups plus push ups plus


These apps set a TAILORED rep training program specific to YOUR CURRENT LEVEL to help you achieve your targets.

Not limited to a few weeks training and a maximum target as can be used ongoing and the program will keep adapting to your level and you can set and change your own target.

Simple to use so you can concentrate on the exercise.



A great app to work on your body strength and shape.

Finally...Times Tables made easy

The easiest and quickest way to test and learn your timestables.

easy times table easy times table


Designed and tested by a school teacher.

Super simple to use spinner interface and gesture based interaction.



Normal mode:

Speed Mode:


No complex settings or menus, just get in to it.

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